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Jason Jourdan is Chicago's rising star of magic.  At the age of 5, his father took him to his first magic shop, and since that day, he has been delighting audiences from coast to coast, and the Caribbean.

Recently, he won First place, and the coveted People's Choice award from the Alliance of Chicago Entertainer's Club.  He is the youngest person to win both of these awards. 

Jason has used his creative knowledge, and magical dexterity to consult with some of magic's leading entertainers, including Joe Diamond (The Today Show, The Magic Cabaret), Bill Cook (Penn & Teller's Fool Us, The Today Show, Masters of Illusion, Make Believe), and Michael Carbonaro (The Tonight Show, The Carbonaro Effect).

Jason Jourdan brings a fresh, new, and exciting look and feel to magic.  You don't want to miss this up-and-coming star.

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